2018 Was A Successful Year!

trulight people on vanBecause of your contributions, our ministry has been able to support the work of Jesus Christ in our community. In our Breakfast with Billy Feeding Program, we have served 1185 hot breakfasts, and that count is for only 2 months. We started it the last week in November. We average about 1000 hot free breakfasts per month. We expect at least 12,000 hot breakfasts for 2019. We served over 4570 hot meals on Sundays, purchased several tents for the homeless, provided emergency groceries to 12 families, we helped 26 families with rent and utilities. We have provided emergency shelter at local hotels for 3 people. We have provided transportation to doctor’s appointments, job interviews, grocery store and more. Through our Job and Transportation program, we have provided 561 rides to and from their jobs. This program just started in August of 2018. So 2019 stats will probably triple. We have also provided 55 gas cards at $20-$25 each for people to get to their jobs that have their own cars. 611 meals were provided at our weekly Bible studies. We have helped 20 people get their birth certificate and their IDs so they could work. We have provided 6 Greyhound bus tickets to those wanting to get back home, most of them homeless. For 10 people who had job interviews, we went out and bought them new clothes to wear. We did marriage counseling to 4 different couples. We provided 15 people with a day job to earn extra money. We have given away clothing and basic necessities to over 892 people. We ministered to children with over 452 crafts, Bible lessons and snacks. We have helped with medicine, car repairs, furniture, job assistance and Biblical counseling.

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Zanesville, Ohio 43702.

All donations are tax deductible.


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