2017 Was A Huge Success! Thank you!

In 2017, because of your prayers and contributions, this ministry has been able to support the work of Jesus Christ in our community. We served over 2000 hot meals, purchased several tents for the homeless, provided emergency groceries and utilities for families, provided emergency shelter at local hotels, provided transportation to doctor’s appointments, job interviews, grocery store and more. We have given away clothing and basic necessities to over 200 people. We ministered to over 77 children with toys, craft activities and food. We have helped with medicine, gasoline for their cars, car repairs, furniture, job assistance and Biblical counseling. Over 15 people, some of them children, dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and got saved through this ministry.

One thought on “2017 Was A Huge Success! Thank you!

  1. Ed, you and Christina are such a blessing to the community. God chose the right ones to do his work here on earth. Zanesville is blessed to have people like you.

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