2021 Was A Successful Year!

An update on what we were able to do with your help. Special thanks goes out to all of our volunteers and board members. This is what your prayers, money and donations went for in 2021. You can be rest assured that your money and donations do not go toward inflated salaries. In fact, our executive director does not even get a salary. For over 5 years and going on 6 years, Edward and Christina have put in countless hours of time, sweat and tears for their community. Even when they felt like giving up, they kept at it. They will not take a salary until Trulight Ministries building is completed. If you drive by 807 Putnam Ave. You can see the building is in disrepair. But that is soon to change. They are in the process of getting the building totally rehabbed. We hope to have our potholed parking lot paved, and the outside of the building sided. Thank you to all who have donated and helped so far. We are excited to have our thrift store to open to the public in the near future. Everything will be priced donation only. All monies will go back into the ministry to keep it open. In this thrift store, we hope to have some much desired items, like Amazon electronics, clothes, kitchen items, housewares and more.

2021 was an awesome year! Our Breakfast with Billy program served over 16,000 meals to the area homeless and low income families. All of this was possible because of you. Thank you. Our Warehouse Ministry, where we take in donations to offer the public, FREE clothing, housewares, and furniture to those in need was able to serve over 300 people through this ministry in 2021. Thank you Connie Cornell for managing this ministry for us. She has put countless hours in, even using her own personal truck to pick up and deliver furniture. During our summer 5th Year Anniversary Service / Outreach, we gave out over 220 emergency food boxes to families in need, and during our annual Christmas Giveaway, we distributed new toys to over 400 boys and girls from all around the community. We provided 22 hotel rooms and 6 Greyhound bus tickets to those in need.

We have a Job and Transportation Program that helps people get jobs, even with felony records. We provide the transportation needed to make sure that they get to and from work. We helped 36 unique individuals get jobs in 2021 as well as helping those that need ID’s and proper work clothes to get started in their new jobs.

For the 3nd year in a row, we have operated an Emergency Winter Shelter in cooperation with Cornerstone Full Gospel Church. From December 1st 2020 to March 5th 2021, we provided shelter for the homeless citizens that could not get into one of the other local shelters. We provided over 44 unique individuals with a place to get a hot shower and a warm bed to sleep in.

We do so much more. The most important thing we do is share the gospel of Jesus Christ to all that come in, so that they can learn of God’s Love for them, the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus, and get saved. We do biblical counseling and offer church services with free meals. All that we do can not be done without the help of others such as yourselves. So thank you and God bless you all. We are still in need of funds to get the upstairs of the building done, the commercial kitchen, and parking lot paved. Funds needed today to have the building totally completed is $100,000. If you would like to help, you can send donations to our PO box at Trulight Ministries, PO Box 2602, Zanesville, OH 43702. All of your donations are tax deductible. You can also donate from our Facebook page and our website at trulightministries.org. Please do not send donations to 807 Putnam, because we do not have a  mailbox.

Call or text us at 740-487-0221


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