“I got the chance to witness Trulight Ministries on Putnam in Zanesville. This newly started church is helping out the community by providing shelter and food to those in need. This isn’t a typical ministry. The pastor is not afraid to work and get dirty to help the local community. I truly hope all they do prospers.” – Jesse Williams

“Found a church that we like going to that is in Zanesville Ohio. We will be going to every service from now on and will be taking our daughters with us when we get them back, they are taking an interest in going to church and they are only 2 years old, 1 year old, and 8 months old lol.” – Shy and Will Slone

“God is definitely at work here. What a blessing today was. What faith and an example of Jesus love this family shows to everyone that walks through the door. The message that God spoke through Pastor Ed was a blessing, as was the music and fellowship. ” The safest place to be is in God’s will.” – Julie Caldwell

“An amazing place. It was such a blessing to share in the love of Jesus. Would love to come back. Thank you!” – Roman Tecumseh Caldwell